Code Blue® III Newborn s300.110

Code Blue® III Newborn Advanced Life Support Training Simulator


Model: S300.110
Our Code Blue® III system teaches ALS skills using realistic code scenarios. Software provides important feedback by monitoring and recording each step of treatment: choice of treatment, amount of time you perform each vital function, and quality of intervention.

Code Blue® III Newborn Advanced Life Support Training Simulator
Model - S300.110
Code Blue® III features an array of airway, respiratory, and cardiovascular functions with real-time eCPR(tm) feedback, perfect for training individual and team-based ALS skills.
Use Real Instruments
Train airway management using standard adjuncts
Real ECG Monitoring
Connect real electrodes to the conductive skin sites and monitor ECG using real medical equipment
Hypoxia Modeling
Color and vital signs respond to bypoxic events and interventions


Tetherless Option
Train in-situ care, transport, and handoffs by
adding our industry-leading tetherless and
wireless mobility option. Additionally, upgrade
the controller PC by replacing the laptop with a
powerful, portable, and versatile Tablet PC for
a more remote experience.

The Software

UNI® Simulator Control Software
   Featuring eCPR™

     Drive scenarios, monitor CPR quality metrics   in  real-time, log participants' actions, and outputreports for debriefing, all from
                       one easy-to-use interface.


CPR Quality and
Performance Feedback

•   Time to CPR

•   Compression Depth/Rate

•   Chest Recoil

•   Compression Interruption

•   Ventilation Rate

•   Excessive Ventilation

•   Time to Defibrillation




 •   Code Blue® III Neonate

 •   Laptop with UNI Controller Software*
 (includes 15" Communications Cable)*

                                                                     •   Modified Blood Pressure Cuff

                                                                     •   Replacement Intraosseous Bones (7)

                                                                     •   IV Filling Kit

                                                                     •   Charger

                                                                     •   Instruction Manual

                                                                     * Optional Tablet PC replaces Laptop



•   Full-body, full-term newborn patient simulator

•   Articulated neck, shoulder, and hips

•   Demonstrates head-tilt, and jaw thrust

•   Palpable landmarks including ribs and
xiphoidal process



•   Realistic Airway with tongue, visible vocal
cords, trachea, and esophagus

•   Perform Bag Valve Mask ventilations

•   Supports oral and nasal intubation

•   Sensors detect and log endotracheal tube
placement in the airway



•   Chest Compressions are measured and

•   Programmable heart sounds synchronized
with ECG rhythm

•   Program and monitor dynamic ECG rhythms
using real monitor



•   Automatic pulses generated by internal

•   Pulses synchronized with ECG

  •      Brachial
  •      Radial
  •      Umbilical

•   Measure Blood Pressure with included cuff

  •      Auscultate Korotkoff sounds
  •      Palpate pulses
  •   Intravenous Training Arm
  •   Intraosseous access at right tibia
  •   Bilateral Intramuscular injection sites
    •      Deltoids
    •      Quadriceps

•   Programmable Cyanosis

•   Fill air reservoir manually to generate
programmable spontaneous breathing

•   Bilateral lung expansion with ventilation

•   Programmable lung sounds synchronized
with respiratory rate

•   Ventilations are measured and logged in


eCPR™ Real-time CPR feedback

•   Monitor CPR quality metrics in real-time

  •      Time to CPR
  •      Compression Depth/Rate
  •      Chest Recoil
  •      Compression Interruptions
  •      Ventilation Rate
  •      Excessive Ventilation
  •      Time to Defibrillation
  •  Log individual or team participants’ actions
  •    Create, save, and print performance reports
    for debriefing



•   Urinary catheterization

•   Interchangeable female and male genitalia

•   Bowel sounds


UNI® Simulator Control Software

•   Powerful and intuitive software with active
3D patient animation

•   Includes 10+ preprogrammed scenarios

  •      Asphyxia
  •      Pneumothorax
  •      Respiratory Failure
  •      Meconium Aspiration Syndrome
  •      More
  •    Edit or create your own scenarios


Communication and Power

•   Control the simulator from the laptop via
included 15’ cable

•   Powered from wall outlet with included
power cable



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