Code Blue® III S300.100




Code Blue® III Adult Advanced Life Support Training Simulator

Model: S300.100

Our Code Blue III system teaches ALS skills using realistic code scenarios. Software provides important feedback by monitoring and recording each step of treatment: choice of treatment, amount of time you perform each vital function, and quality of intervention.

Code Blue III Adult Advanced Life Support Training Simulator
Model - S300.100
CODE BLUE III features a comprehensive array of airway, respiratory, and cardiovascular functions with real-time eCPR™ feedback, perfect for training individual and team-based ALS skills.

Use Real Instruments
Train airway management using standard adjuncts
Real-Time CPR Feedback
Built-in ventilation and chest compression sensors capture CPR quality metrics in real-time.
Defibrillate, Cardiovert, and Pace
Monitor, capture, pace, and cardiovert using a real defibrillator, electrodes, and energy.
Wireless Technology
The Code Blue III simulator features built-in wireless technology that lets teams simulate transitional care scenarios to improve teamwork and communication.
Continuous Chest Rise and Pulses
A built-in compressor allows for the continuous operation of chest rise and pulses.


Versatile Software Solutions

OMNI 2 Real-Time eCPR Feedback
Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your skill-building exercises. Real-time feedback lets you easily spot and correct errors in technique to ensure quality performance.
  •    Real-time CPR quality metrics
    •    Compression depth and rate
    •    Ventilation rate
    •    Excessive ventilation
    •    No-flow time
    •   CPR cycles
  •    Smart coach: Audible tones help guide correct compression and ventilation rate and ratio
  •   Customizable CPR ratios
  •    Virtual shock panel with cardioversion capability
  •   Interactive checklists let you easily track provider actions during exercise
In-Depth Assessment and Debriefing
Never miss another teaching opportunity. OMNI 2 enhances assessment and debriefing by making it easy to capture CPR performance quality and key events.
  •    Easily track individual and team actions using interactive key events
  •    eCPR™ Performance Report provides you averages for each CPR metric to aid in the identification and improvement of weak areas
  •    Logs provider actions, vital signs, CPR metrics, and comments
  •    Save, email, and print eCPR performance reports for debriefing and archiving
                          PRODUCT FEATURES

•   Full-body, adult male patient simulator

•   Articulated neck, jaw, arms, and legs

•   Demonstrates head-tilt, and jaw thrust

•   Eye lids can be opened or closed

•   Palpable landmarks including ribs and
xiphoidal process


•   Realistic Airway with tongue, visible vocal
cords, trachea, and esophagus

•   Programmable airway sounds synchronized
with respiratory rate

•   Perform Sellick’s maneuver

•   Perform Bag Valve Mask ventilations

•   Supports oral and nasal intubation

•   Sensors detect and log endotracheal tube
placement in the airway

•   Log individual or team participants’ actions

•   Create, save, and print performance reports
for debriefing


•   Chest Compressions are measured and

•   Compressions generate palpable pulses

•   Defibrillate and pace using real devices

•   Programmable heart sounds synchronized
with ECG

•   Program and monitor dynamic ECG rhythms
using real monitor


•   Automatic pulses generated by internal

•   Pulses synchronized with ECG

  •      Carotid (Bilateral)
  •      Brachial
  •      Radial
  •      Femoral (Bilateral)
  •    Take Blood Pressure with included cuff
    •      Auscultate Korotkoff sounds
    •      Palpate pulse
  •    Intraosseous access at right tibia
  •   Intravenous Training Arm
  •    Detect placement of pulse oximeter
  •     Intramuscular injection sites
    •      Bilateral Deltoids
    •      Bilateral Quadriceps

•   Spontaneous breathing generated by
internal compressor

•   Programmable chest rise and fall

•   Bilateral lung expansion with bag

•   Unilateral chest rise with right main stem

•   Programmable lung sounds synchronized
with respiratory rate

•   Programmable Cyanosis

eCPR™ Real-time CPR feedback

•   Monitor CPR quality metrics in real-time

  •      Time to CPR
  •      Compression Depth/Rate
  •      Chest Recoil
  •      Compression Interruptions
  •      Ventilation Rate
  •      Excessive Ventilation
  •      Time to Defibrillation

•   Practice placement of esophagus/gastric
suctioning devices

•   Gastric distension with excessive BVM

UNI® Simulator Control Software

•   Powerful and intuitive software with active
3D patient animation

•   Includes 10 preprogrammed scenarios

  •      Heart Failure
  •      Dysrhythmias
  •      Emphysema
  •      Asthma
  •      Intoxication
  •      More
  •    Edit or create your own scenarios
  •    Remains fully functional even in transit
Communication and Power

•   Control the simulator from the laptop via
included 15’ cable

•   Powered from internal battery or wall

•   Run simulations for up to 6 hours on the
battery power

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