HAL® S1020

HAL® S1020 Emergency Care Simulator

12 Lead ECG Simulator with integrated myocardial infarction (MI) model.




HAL® S1020 Emergency Care Simulator



HAL® S1020 Emergency Care Simulator

  • Articulating Adult HAL® full size body
  • Available in ethnic skin tones
  • Use your real 12 lead ECG monitor
  • Display and interpret HAL’s 12 lead ECG
  • Improve diagnostic abilities
  • ECG library features thousands of cardiac rhythms
  • Specify additional 12 lead ECGs using our editing feature
  • + Create and modify waveforms even on a “point-by-point” basis
  • + Editor is accurate; a REAL ECG monitor will correctly interpret resulting waveform
  • Print 12 lead strips from your patient monitor; compare waveforms with those shown on the Details page of the User Interface
  • UI also shows any two real time dynamic ECG waveforms

MI Model

  • Specify occlusions, ischemia, injury, necrosis
  • Modify infarctions quickly and easily
  • Resultant dynamic 12 lead ECG quickly generated
  • Evaluate resultant dysrhythmia
  • Assess the extent of HAL’s cardiac damage
  • Pre-programmed airway and lung pathologies including:


  • Laptop with carrying case
  • Simulator soft carrying case
  • Instruction Manual


  • USB connections
  • International power supply 100-240 VAC

Also available as:

  • Also available as an option on the HAL® S3101 or S3000 tetherless simulator
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