HAL® S315.300

HAL® S315.300 Adult Airway and CPR Trainer with Heart and Lung Sounds

HAL S315.300 offers essential features for resuscitation training including intubation, ventilation, chest recoil, and pulse palpation. Plus, HAL includes the VS100 Smart Stethoscope, which lets learners train to assess and differentiate 40 normal and abnormal heart and lung sounds. To increase training effectiveness, add the OMNI® Code Blue Pack option and monitor CPR performance in realtime and export session reports for debriefing.


  • Manually open or close eyes
  • Realistic head tilt/chin lift and jaw thrust
  • Durable lifelike airway anatomy
  • Nasal and oral Intubation: ETT, LMA, King LT®
  • Chest rise with bag valve mask ventilation
  • Gastric distension with esophageal intubation
  • Right mainstem intubation presents unilateral chest rise
  • 40 Programmable normal and abnormal heart and lung sound
  • CPR hand positioning landmarks and realistic chest compression recoil and depth
  • Carrying bag
  • Nasal passage permits placement of NP tube
  • Features patented Virtual Instruments® technology

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