HAL® S315.400

HAL® S315.400 Adult Multipurpose Airway and CPR Trainer

The HAL® S315.400 advanced airway trainer allows learners to practice recognizing and managing a difficult airway via endotracheal intubation or surgical intervention, perform CPR, and treat tension pneumothorax. What’s more, all of HAL’s lifelike features operate without external power or batteries. Simply pressurize the internal reservoir using a standard BVM and it’s ready for use. HAL’s innovative features and green design make it a powerful trainer that’s easy-to-use, effective, and portable.

HAL® S315.400 Adult Multipurpose Airway and CPR Trainer 

Use NP/OP tubes, ventilate, or intubate
Realistic airway which is manually programmable to include tongue edema, laryngospasm, and pharyngeal swelling
Five tracheal replacements supplied
Realistic chest rise with BVM
Air reservoir is charged using the supplied manual pump or a BVM
Place tracheostomy needle or Shiley tube
Easy neck flexion and extension. Realistic jaw thrust, head tilt / chin lift
Realistic chest compression and recoil
Bilateral needle decompression at 2nd intercostal space


  • Realistic airway which is manually programmable to include tongue edema, laryngospasm and pharyngeal swelling
  • Use NP/OP tubes, ventilate, and intubate
  • Realistic chest compression/recoil
  • BVM produces realistic chest rise
  • Intubate using conventional adjuncts
  • Inflating lungs produces realistic chest rise
  • Gastric distention
  • Easy neck flexion and extension
  • Unilateral chest rise with right main stem intubation
  • Lungs can be disabled independently
  • Surgical airway procedures such as tracheostomy and needle or surgical cricothyrotomy
  • Supplied with normal and surgical cricoid cartilage inserts, allowing for longitudinal and transverse incisions
  • Bilateral needle decompression at 2nd intercostal space
  • Bilateral drainage at 5th intercostal space using conventional large diameter chest tubes
  • Pneumatic controls powered by internal reservoir charged using supplied manual pump or a conventional BVM
  • Multifunctional, compact, portable
  • Eyes may be open or closed
  • Adult male upper body and head
  • Silicone face/head skin for realistic jaw thrust, head tilt/chin lift
  • Items Included
  • Full-size adult male head and torso
  • Ventilation trachea insert
  • Mini hand pump
  • Surgical trachea kit:
    • 5 Surgical trachea inserts
    • 10 Trachea skin covers
    • 10 Simulated cricothyroid membranes
  • Replaceable needle pneumo. sites
  • Mineral oil lubricant
  • Talcum powder
  • Instructions manual
  • Soft carrying bag
  • Consumable Items
  • Mineral Oil
  • Simulated Cricoid Membranes (10)
  • Set of 5 Crico/Trachea Skin Covers
  • Set of 5 Tracheal Inserts
  • Set of 5 Needle Decompresion Inserts
  • Chest Skin
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