HAL® S315.500

HAL® S315.500 Adult CPR+D Trainer

Gaumard’s innovative green technology allows HAL® to store the energy generated by chest compressions to power its amazing features. Without the use of batteries or power cords, HAL® is capable of recording CPR quality and performance metrics, presenting realistic chest rise and palpable pulses after resuscitation, and more. Take your training to more places and reach more people with the convenience of truly tetherless technology.

HAL® S315.500 Adult CPR+D Trainer
Advanced feedback, Reporting and Control

Realtime ventilation and compression feedback with coaching tones.

Intubatable airway with lifelike tongue, vocal cords, and trachea.
Monitor ventilations and observe realistic chest rise.
Realtime ventilation and compression feedback with coaching tones.
Select sinus rhythm, ventricular fibrillation, or asystole detectable your native monitor.
Attach your AED pads directly and defib using real energy.
ROSC after defibrillation; automatic pulses and visible chest rise.
Shock directly to pad-free posts.
Advanced feedback and reporting during and after the training.
Easily refill the automatic breathing system for the next session.



  • Intubatable airway with tongue, vocal cords, and trachea
  • Realistic head tilt/chin lift and jaw thrust
  • Realistic chest cavity allows students to experience the correct force needed to perform proper chest compressions
  • Anatomically correct landmarks for proper hand placement
  • Proper chest compressions
  • Attach real AED pads directly to the conductive skin. Shock the conductive skin. Shock the simulator using your defibrillator just like a real patient. Your AED will display the simulator’s ECG.will display the simulator’s ECG.
  • Automatic pulses and breathing with realistic chest rise.
  • Alternative Energy
  • Electronics powered through chest compressions; 30 compressions get the system up and running. Simulator remains charged during training and recharges itself while the student practices CPR.
  • No batteries to replace. Energy storage device capable of 500,000 cycles.

For Student:

For Instructor:

Instructor views student’s performance including:

  • During Training
    • Coach mode: audible tones guide chest compressions Test mode: no guidance provided during test
    • Screen on handheld controller provides compression depth and ventilation volume in easy to interpret bar graph format
    • Screen prompts instructor when student must compress “faster” or “slower”, “softer or harder”.
    • Instructor can view real-time compression rate
    • Screen reports defibrillation energy
  • After Training
  • Average compression rate per minute
  • Percent compressions in proper rate range
  • Average compression depth
  • Percent compressions in proper depth range
  • Percent ventilations in proper ventilation volume range
  • Actual compression/ventilation (C/V) ratio
  • Exercise duration
  • Idle time
  • Reporting metrics stored in the controller’s flash memory and can be transferred to a computer using the controller’s USB port.
  • Control
  • Adjust/change feedback and reporting metrics:
  • Proper C/V ratio
  • High and low compression rate limits
  • High and low compression depth limits (in inches or centimeters)
  • Proper ventilation volume
  • Manual cardioversion upon defibrillation
  • Program ECG rhythms; choose sinus, ventricular fibrillation, or asystole. Selected ECG rhythm will be seen on your real AED.
  • Activate automatic carotid pulse and/or breathing
  • Items Included
  • Full-size adult male head and upper body
  • Handheld controller with 15 ft cable
  • Carrying bag
  • Operating guide

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