NOELLE® S550.100.250

NOELLE® Childbirth Simulator with PEDI® Blue Neonate and OMNI® 2


Model: S550.100.250
The NOELLE S550.100.250 is a complete simulation-based training package designed to make setup, implementation, and operation simple and easy. It includes everything you need to train including a NOELLE automatic birthing simulator, a resuscitation neonate, two OMNI 2 control tablets, a virtual patient monitor, and training guidebooks.

NOELLE® S550.100.250 WITH OMNI® 2
A Complete Simulation-Based Obstetric Training Package
NOELLE offers you an effective training solution for preparing students and professionals for the routine and emergency labor and delivery scenarios seen in the real world. By rehearsing true-to-life scenarios in a safe environment, NOELLE allows participants to improve skills in assessment, management, and teamwork.


Obstetric Simulation Training Made Easy
The Noelle S550.200.250 is a powerful yet easy-to-use training solution designed to help you meet your obstetric and neonatal resuscitation training objectives.


identifying patient risk factors quickly and prioritizing tasks effectively are critical skills that have a positive impact on patient safety. NOELLE has been developed to simulate each stage of labor, thereby allowing you to train participants on clinical scenarios seen from admission and through postpartum care.

Initial Evaluation and Care

•   Lifelike birth canal and cervix - Evaluate status of labor including cervical dilation, fetal station, presentation and more

•   Fetal Heart Rate (FHR) and uterine contraction monitoring Evaluate and interpret fetal status

•   Leopold's and external version trainer - Optional abdominal cover provides realistic tactile feedback and resistance

•   Real-time CPR feedback - Monitor CPR performance quality during maternal code exercises.


OMNI® 2 - Intuitive Simulation Controls

•   Simple and Intuitive - Touch interface and control elements are easy to learn and to use

•   Wireless Control - Freedom to control, monitor and debrief from anywhere in the room

•   Programmable vitals - Simulate clinical presentations to train assessment and management skills

•   Patient monitor wireless link - Supports virtual patient monitor and fetal monitor for training evaluation and interpretation of vitals.

Realistic Anatomy
Realistic birth canal features pelvic landmarks and dilating cervix. 

IV Training
Arm veins supports bolus or intravenous
infusions as well as draining fluids.

Real-time CPR™ Feedback
Track algorithm objectives for more effective debriefing


        Automatic Delivery Simulation

NOELLE allows multidisciplinary teams to rehearse low frequency, high-risk vaginal deliveries to improve technical skills, communication and confidence.

The patented automatic delivery system makes setup and operation simple and it reduces costs by eliminating the need for a dedicated operator to push the baby through the birth canal. With OMNI 2 you can play, pause, and reset the delivery with just 1 touch.


Intuitive Auto Controls

Simulate a delivery in a fraction of the time and train more participants in a single lab.


Delivery Mechanism

Repeatable fetal presentation and rotation during descent.


Lifeline Placenta/Cord
Simulate cord prolapse, nuchal cord, placenta previa, and more.
Instrument Assisted

Supports real vacuum devices and forceps.


Cord Management

Resolve nucha cord, cord prolapse and true knots.


Breech Delivery
Simulate frank, complete, footling breech and more.
Shoulder Dystocia Management
  •    Visible retraction of the fetal head - Train to recognize signs of shoulder dystocia and fetal distress.
  •    Obstetrical maneuvers - Supports suprapubic pressure, McRoberts, Zavanelli and more.
  •   Fetal distress modeling - Automatically simulates realistic responses to fetal distress visible on fetal monitor.




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