NOELLE® S575.100


NOELLE® S575.100 Advanced Maternal and Neonatal Birthing Simulator

Prepare your students and staff for even the most complex cases in obstetrics and maternal-child care with the help of the most trusted high-fidelity birthing simulator in the world. At the click of a button, NOELLE can simulate ante-partum complications, routine and high-risk deliveries, and postpartum emergencies essential in competency-based training and team building exercises. Learn why educators worldwide recognize NOELLE as an integral part of their simulation based training program — whether in a sim lab, in-situ, or mobile unit.

The NOELLE S575.100 package includes our high-fidelity NOELLE, Newborn HAL S3010, wireless tablet PCs, a virtual patient monitor, training guides, and much more. It’s a complete maternal-child care simulation solution for one great price. Here’s a closer look at all the great features...



Realistic Fetal Palpation
NOELLE’s new palpation module includes an amniotic sac creating a natural and realistic feel when practicing palpation exercises.

Pelvic Landmarks
Anatomic landmarks include bilateral ischial spines, coccyx and pubic symphysis.

Contraction Stomach
NOELLE’s new contraction abdominal cover allows palpation of real time contractions during a scenario. The cover gets firm as the contraction peaks.
Automated Precision Delivery System
With the click of a button, NOELLE’s automatic delivery system moves the fetus throughout the labor stages for repeatable lifelike births. Built in sensors track participant interaction and give you real time performance feedback.

Epidural Procedures
Practice epidural procedures on a spinal cord insert with skin layer, subcutaneous layer, connective tissue, and lumbar vertebrae. Anatomic features include: iliac crests, lumbar vertebrae L2 – L5, ligamentum flavum and epidural space. Sensors report and log the moment the needle enters the epidural space, or if its inserted too far.



Perfect Fit into Stirrups
NOELLE fits perfectly into birthing stirrups; her flexible hip-joints provide the flexibility and resistance you expect.
Lifelike Birth Canal
New lifelike birth canal simulates human tissue. Birth canals are removable and are designed to withstand more than 75 deliveries.
Episiotomy Repair
NOELLE’s episiotomy repair inserts simulate human tissue that can be sutured repeatedly. Inserts feel and look real.


Watch the New NOELLE S575.100 - Maternal and Neonatal Birthing Simulator in action


Realistic fetal palpation
Realistic amniotic sac inside palpation abdominal cover creates a natural and realistic feel when practicing palpation exercises

Multiple birthing positions
In addition to the feet in stirrups position, NOELLE’s fully articulating body allows for alternative birthing positions like hands and knees.
40 week tetherless newborn with breathing, pulses, color and vital signs that are responsive to hypoxic events and interventions. Also includes trending, crying, convulsions, oral and nasal intubation, airway sounds and extra tablet PC for control.


Two Birthing Fetuses
Birthing fetus with fontanelles and sutures, realistic landmarks, jointed arms and legs, umbilicus, and placenta. Fetal heart sounds audible before, during and after delivery.
Vertex fetus
New vertex fetus has a smooth head (no connection port) making vacuum deliveries more realistic.
Breech fetus
NOELLE’s new breech fetus has a smooth bottom (no connection port) for maximum realism.


 Normal Delivery
Fetus descends and rotates internally as it moves down birth canal.

Assisted Delivery
Practice assisted vacuum extraction and forcep deliveries.
Shoulder Dystocia
Lifelike shoulder dystocia presents with notable fetal head retraction to simulate observable “turtle signs.” Practice advanced management techniques.
Breech Delivery
Practice vaginal breech deliveries and free the legs using Pinard maneuver.


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