S312.200 Heart and Lung Sounds 1-Year

Instructors spend significant classroom time teaching where to hear specific heart and lung sounds. Students must learn where the base heart sound may be best heard or where the bell should be placed to hear stress or wheezing in a young child. Site specificity is obtained through an exciting new “wireless” technique in which the student uses anatomic landmarks on the manikin to locate the site where a specific sound should be heard. If correct, they will hear the appropriate sound through the stethoscope and/or external speakers. Now you make the choice. Buy a new site specific simulator or upgrade your existing Gaumard® manikin. Upgrading is a terrific way to further enhance your Gaumard® simulator.


•   Full size pediatric manikin with palpable anatomic landmarks

•   Sensor network hidden beneath the skin

•   Hear the appropriate heart or lung sound as bell of stethoscope is moved across the front and back of the torso

•   Includes our Virtual Stethoscope with multiple heart & lung sounds

•   An external speaker plugs into the Virtual Stethoscope so a classroom can hear what the student hears

•   Instruction manual

•   Carrying bag

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