S320 Newborn Pediatric Airway Trainer



· Full Body

· Realistic chest cavity containing realistic organs

· Fully articulating head, neck and jaw permitting head-tilt/chin lift, jaw thrust and neck extension into the sniffing position

· Anatomically accurate mouth, tongue, airway and esophagus designed to illustrate the profound differences between intubating an infant, a child or an adult

· Soft neck with cricocartilage permits classic Sellick maneuver

· Realistic chest rise during ventilation

· Realistic trachea, bronchi and lungs. Observable bilateral lung expansion under positive pressure ventilation

· Airway narrows below vocal cords

· Realistic vocal cords with "fish-eye" appearance

· Airway diameter: 3.8mm

· Nasal passage permits placement of NP tube

· Carrying bag

· Instruction manual

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