Sunray SRF618 B3 // Ασύρματο Σύστημα Καρδιοτοκογραφίας

Fetal Monitor SRF618B3

Compact 4.7'' Smart Fetal Monitor/Flexible Workstation

◆ Wireless transducers for more comfortable monitoring, FHR and TOCO display in curves and digitals
◆ Wireless connection to powerful workstation for data storage, CTG analysis, report printing
◆ Audible and visual alarm of probes off-position, abnormal FHR and unstable signal
◆ Flexible workstation fits for labor room and obstetric office, Up to 9 B3s connection to workstation

Standard Configuration: FHR1, TOCO, FM, AFM
Optional Configuration: FHR2

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